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KR Magazine provides specialist insight into current trends in kidnapping for ransom. Globalisation is turning this ancient practice into a highly adaptive and profitable worldwide business. These days it is not just people that are held to ransom – hijacking data, information and websites is proving popular with criminals as well.

In many regions across the globe, from the Horn of Africa to the Grand Canyon, kidnapping is booming. Whether motivated by financial gain, political advantage or both, it affects countries as varied as Somalia, Mexico, Pakistan and the Philippines. Each country responds quite differently to the challenges of managing kidnapping for ransom.

Recognizing patterns and understanding the interplay of key elements in this controversial field of enterprise are skills which are growing ever more valuable. Accessing accurate information and correctly analyzing future trends, however, still remain difficult. KR Magazine promises to be a dynamic tool, sharpening perceptions and empowering readers.

KR Magazine examines a wide spectrum of issues surrounding modern kidnapping for ransom. Published online, the magazine draws on an exclusive network of experts concerned with preventing and defeating abductions. We also produce briefings and special reports that are free to our readers.

KR Magazine reaches a highly influential readership composed of professionals in the energy, finance and insurance sectors. Our wider target audience also includes those in NGOs, government and media organisations who work in multinational settings.


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