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    British hostage released in Yemen

    A British teacher who was abducted in Yemen five months ago has been released safely, the Foreign Office has said.

    Mike Harvey who taught English at a school in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, was abducted on his way home from work on February 12.

    A Foreign Office spokesman said he was released after the Yemeni government made contact with the kidnappers though tribal intermediaries.

    Mr Harvey is being looked after by staff at the British Embassy in Yemen, and is said to be in good health.

    He is believed to be flying back to the UK to be reunited with his family in the next few days.

    The Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are pleased to confirm that British hostage Mike Harvey held in Yemen since February has been released safely.

    “He is being supported by staff at the British Embassy and will be reunited with his family soon.

    “We are grateful to the Yemeni government for their efforts and support.”

    His abduction was the third to take place in Yemen in only two weeks.

    On February 2, another Briton working with an oil services company was kidnapped in Sanaa. Two days earlier, a German citizen was also kidnapped.

    Abductions are frequent in Yemen, an impoverished nation where armed tribesmen and al Qaida-linked militants take hostages in an effort to swap them for prisoners or cash.

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