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    Lebanon: Frustrated families threaten to cut Gov out of negotiations for hostage soldiers
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    Libya: Security force urges reopening of oil ports, lifting of force majeure
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    Scotland: Trafficked children struggle after escape or rescue, can return to traffickers
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    Other KR News – Monday 30th March
Beirut in July by rabiem22 on Flickr
ECHODDG - Mine clearance Sirte by European Commission DG ECHO on Flickr
Image of a child standing by a car on a snowy day with the sun setting in the background and the street lights on.
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Douala, Cameroon on Motorcycle by Jake Stimpson on Flickr
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Hana Humpalova (left) and Antonie Chrastecka in an undated file photo
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Lines, Squares & Rectangles Abu Dhabi, UAE by Vinoth Chandar on Flickr