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    Other KR News – Tuesday 14th April
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    Nigeria: One year after Chibok kidnappings, a look at the case and Boko Haram
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    USA: Final two Colombians sentenced for role in DEA kidnap and murder
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    Nigeria: Three ‘oil industry’ workers abducted by pirates
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Bring Back Our Girls, Mural at West Vale by Tim Green on Flickr
Flag of the United States of America, backlit, windy day. 12 March 2009 by Jnn13 on Wikimedia
Gulf of Guinea, via Google Maps
Yemen by Rod Waddington on Flickr
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Catalonia by Scott Wylie on Flickr
Puerto Rico Vista by Trish Hartmann on Flickr
Islamic State - ISIS - ISIL
Children, 06 Jan 2010 in MedCap Soltan Abad TF South Shindand by  Vinko Pernek of Slovenia and Afghanistan Matters on Flickr