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    Daily Round Up: West Virginia teacher talks hostage situation, UAE paid Yemeni tribesman for Brit and more
  • 2
    Analysis: Abdul Ahad Bahrami – The Worrisome Rise of Kidnapping Civilians in Afghanistan
  • 3
    Romania: Iraqi-American accused of kidnapping journalists now in Romanian custody
  • 4
    USA: FARC man involved in kidnapping of Americans pleads guilty in DC court
West Virginia Sunrise by Bob Wilcox on Flickr
Goodnight Ghazni by philmofresh on Flickr
Bucharest, Romania by fusion-of-horizons on Flickr
Overflight of the Andes  Sobrevôo dos Andes by A. Duarte on Flickr
Charlotte, North Carolina by David Berkowitz on Flickr
Sana'a backstreet (Yemen) by Ahron de Leeuw on Flickr
0002_2013_1218_0550, Quezon City, by aces amor on Flickr
Hamidia Rd, Bhopal by tjollans
M. M. Alam Skyline Night by Adeel Anwer on Flickr